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Seamless Food Ordering During Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene and Seamless Food Delivery

Hurricane Irene is on her way and threatening the entire eastern seaboard. While there have been numerous government warnings and countless tips from weathermen and meteorologists, you may still be wondering some things. Mainly, will there be Seamless food delivery during Hurricane Irene? Just like the Snowpocalypse this past winter, many restaurants may be closed. So here are some Seamless extreme weather guidelines you may want to follow starting on Saturday evening:

  1. 1. Peruse Seamless and decide where you want to order from.
  2. 2. Call the restaurant to make sure they are open and ready for delivery business.
  3. a. If they are closed, but they appeared to be open on Seamless, give us a shout if you can by emailing
    care@seamless.com to let us know of the closing.
  4. b. If they are open, proceed to place your order. Don’t forget to leave an extra nice tip!
  5. 3. Wait hungrily on your cozy sofa or in your dry bed as your food is prepared and delivered.
  6. 4. Enjoy! (The most important step)

We thank you all greatly for your patience and hope you all stay dry, your roof remains fully intact, and your windows are shatterproof. Because we definitely don’t want you ending up in a situation like this one…

Hurricane Irene in NYC

Photo via papabiz.net