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Seamless Celebrates National Cheese Day (June 4, 2012)

Seamless Celebrates National Cheese Day

Good Monday to everyone. Today we celebrate another national holiday you may have never heard of… National Cheese Day! To celebrate, we melted some great facts into this big ball of infographic cheese. Do you LOVE cheese as much as we do?

Seamless. Your Cheese is Here.

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Cinco De Mayo on Seamless [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cinco De Mayo on Seamless [INFOGRAPHIC]

On one date per year it is considered a duty to eat pounds of guacamole, pitchers of margaritas, and endless amounts of tortilla chips. That day is known as Cinco De Mayo. While there are historical and traditional observations for this day, there are also delicious ones that involve food! As food is the most important aspect of this holiday to us here at Seamless, let’s take a peek exactly how much Mexican food you all have eaten thus far in 2012. Which city eats the most Mexican? How much Guacamole have you all digested… let’s see!

St. Patrick’s Day Food Ordering [INFOGRAPHIC]

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and we couldn’t be more excited! From the shamrocks, Guinness, and Irish soda bread, we love everything related to this day. And, we particularly enjoy the green theme. Everything’s green, and it’s truly great — especially since you can also go green with your order on Seamless. So, we’re taking this chance to honor all things green this St. Patrick’s Day. Come celebrate with Seamless and go green with your order!

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