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Don’t Forget To Order That Shake Or Smoothie!

Nothing beats refreshment on a hot day like a cold shake or smoothie! Did you know you can get your favorite shake or smoothie delivered online? Of course you can.  Check the online food delivery services of your favorite restaurant and peruse their menu.  A fresh cold shake made with real fruit and creamy ice cream may be available from the restaurant you’ve been ordering from – and you didn’t even know it.

acai berry blast smoothie

(Pictured Above: an Acai Berry Blast Smoothie)

Fresh food delivery with healthy options is becoming more popular at restaurants, and in this tough economy, restaurant owners are creating an edge for themselves with creative drink options.  Find your favorite chocolate shake or strawberries, banana and cream smoothie at a restaurant in your city or neighborhood now.  Summer 2011 officially begins this Tuesday (June 21),  so make your summer laid back and easy going by remembering to check if your food order can be delivered with a fresh, customized shake or smoothie.