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Seamless Staff Picks: Something Salty

Seamless Restaurant Staff Picks: Something Salty

We pride ourselves as being pretty food knowledgeable. We’re all about it, whether it’s eating it, talking about it, or ordering it, we’re experts at food (at least we think so). And, we’ve all got our favorites for different cuisines and flavors. It’s high time we share some of those with you. Today, we’ve got a little “Something Salty” for you! And as Salty comes in all shapes and sizes and cuisines, we’ve got Greek, Mexican, Portuguese, and Pizza!

Jessica M. (Partner Relations): Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ in Hoboken is one of my favorite places to order off of from Seamless.  You can always count on them for an authentic meal with large portions. The restaurant is family owned and as a result you notice how their food always is delivered with care… it’s a nice way to have a big family meal at home without doing any of the cooking. The Bacalhau Assado with Salt Sauce is a frequent favorite order of mine when I want something particularly filled with a salty flavor.  They use a special Piri Piri salt in some of their dishes which gives the meal the perfect blend of salt that helps satisfy my salty cravings.

Jessie G. (Marketing Associate): I am constantly craving saltiness and the best thing to satisfy my craving is the Greek Fries with Feta Cheese from Souvlaki GR in NYC. The side dish is just a nice pile of hand cut fries seasoned with oregano, pepper, and salt. The saltiness is further enhanced with the Feta cheese sprinkled on top. Can you get anything better? The answer is no, no you can’t.

Salty goodness at Souvlaki GR in NYC

Zach Y. (DC Sales Consultant): The Crispy Salty Chicken at Bao in DC – Sometimes you need to eat something you know deep down you shouldn’t.  When this happens, Bao’s Crispy Spicy Chicken will scratch you right where you itch.

Julian P. (LA Sales Consultant): LA is known for its amazing Mexican cuisine, and Tarascos is at the top of my list of the best Mexican restaurants in town. The environment is comfortable and fun, and the food is absolutely delicious.  The Nachos Tarascos with carnitas is a giant plate of the best possible ingredients . The dish bursts with the Mexican-food flavors I love and leaves me craving more after each bite!

Nacho average nachos at Tarascos!

What’s your favorite “something salty” treat? Tell us in the comments below!

New Online Ordering Restaurants (November 8, 2011)

Order food online from these new Seamless restaurants!

You nominated, you voted, and you always Crave! The winners of the CRAVED Awards by Seamless were announced yesterday, and so many delicious restaurants were honored. Now that your favorites have been officially Craved, let’s introduce you to some new potential cravings… Maybe they’ll be nominated for next year’s awards? Here are the newest Seamless restaurants for ordering online this week:

Greek Fries at Souvlaki GR

Greek Fries at Souvlaki GR

Have a restaurant that you would like to see added to the site? Send us an e-mail and we’ll make sure to do our best to bring them aboard.