Here's What Donut You Should Order From Dunkin' Based on Your Astrological Sign


Well, cat’s outta the bag donut’s in the bag now that Seamless delivers Dunkin’ right to your door. Yeah, pretty much you can order a donut for breakfast, a snack, or whenever you’re craving sweet, doughy goodness.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is–what donut should I order? And we’re here to tell you with some hard-hitting, scientific facts. JK, we’re going off of astrological signs. Here’s what donut you should order…

Aries: Your confidence enables you to eat a powdered donut without shame (or napkin). Stranger: “there’s a little powder on your face.” You: “yeah, it’s cause I wanted it there.” Burn.

Taurus: Hit up that glazed chocolate cake, my bulls. But, will you take this advice? Survey says: probably not.

Gemini: Oh, dual personality you say? Well, a jelly filled donut appears to be just a plain donut from the outside, but then it’s got sweet, sweet jelly on the inside. Two-for-one special right there.

Cancer: When you’re feeling especially crabby… a chocolate donut with sprinkles will sweeten your day right up.

Leo: You fiery, proud lion…we hear you roarin’. A loud n’ colorful strawberry frosted for you, Simba.

Virgo: You’re quite the hard worker and there’s always a lot on your mind… just go with the OG Old Fashioned. Simple, dependable, delicious.

Libra: In order for your scales to be even, you need chocolate…and more chocolate. Hit ‘em with that double chocolate justice.

Scorpio: Sink your tail into a Boston Kreme. That should cool you off. And no, the donut wasn’t just looking at your boyfriend.

Sagittarius: Everyone loves a vanilla frosted with sprinkles–just like you–the always-has-a-joke-on-hand Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Your ambition and persistence might take a lot outta you ol’ Capricorn… find some zen with a delicate vanilla créme donut.

Aquarius: Glazed blueberry, at your service. Cuz water is blue, AMIRITE?

Pisces: You compassionate, kind soul. Get yourself a glazed donut to double down on all your sweetness.

Might as well order a dozen.

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