5 Fall Dishes Everyone's Craving

matzo ball soup

Fall’s kind of a drag. There’s the dead leaves, unpredictable weather and impending doom that winter is right around the corner. To help you get through this three-month-long period of “meh”, here’s a list of our top-ordered fall dishes.

Chicken and Waffles

You may be asking yourself “Should I eat it for breakfast or dinner?” All you need to know is that it’s too good for this debate. And don’t even get us started on the amount of syrup we think you should drizzle on top. Let’s just say things can get a lil’ messy.  

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Perfectly warm with the right amount of cheesy. Just like the rom-com you’ll be watching while sipping this creamy soup. You might even be able to consider this “healthy.” I mean, come on… there’s a ton of tender broccoli.

Chicken Biscuit

The South really outdid itself when it created this hearty biscuit sandwich. It’s so good that people everywhere are begging for a taste of a lil’ southern comfort.


Order this when you’re feeling luxurious. When it comes to steaks, this rib-cut is the big cow on campus. They’re fat, juicy and flavorful—all in the right places. Plus, you can get ‘em bone-in or boneless. Go ahead and dig in with your fancy self. 

Matzo Ball Soup 

If your blanket isn’t wrapping you up in a warm hug, get a new blanket. Then go order matzo ball soup. A doughy ball floats on top of a bowl of chicken broth waiting for you to taste the comforting flavor.

Fall in love with fall over and over again. 

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