Single? In a Relationship? Complicated? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Toast with avocado and egg in heart shape

Valentine’s Day is creepin’ up on us. And whether you’re madly in love, living your best single life or pretend to not know what day it is–it’s time to eat. Swapping a jam-packed restaurant for your warm, comfy couch sounds like the perfect move for this bustling holiday.

Now…what to eat, what to eat? Well, that depends on who you’re hanging out with tonight. Check out our suggestions below and start ordering!

Family affair?

Look no further than classic American cuisine. The kids can go for macaroni and cheese or mozzarella sticks while the adults can order an elevated burger or even a steak. (And then obviously, ice cream for all.)

Hanging with friends?

Time to order all the garlic naan and three-fire-emoji-spicy curries from that Indian restaurant you’ve been dying to try. You’re with your best friends–no need to impress any dates here. Order it all and then some.

Reveling in romance?

It’s definitely time for Thai food from your reliable local spot. Mix things up: get one of your steadfast, favorite dishes and then go out on a limb and try a new one. Split them evenly for a taste of something old and new.

Flying solo?

Mangia! Get the messiest, sauciest spaghetti alongside a heaping portion of chicken parmigiana. This is truly your time to eat Italian food like no one’s watching. Go big tonight and celebrate your main squeeze…yeah, you. ::winks::

How do you spell love? F-O-O-D

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