Announcing Rapid Pickup in Manhattan — Lunch Now Available In Less Than 15 Minutes

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With all there is to do in New York, you have bigger and better things to do than wait in a Midtown line for your lunch. To help keep you well-fueled and moving during your lunch hour, Seamless is rolling out a Rapid Pickup feature in Manhattan!

Starting today, August 22, Rapid Pickup will be available for the first time ever in Manhattan, at 50 different restaurants. Some highlights include:


To use this feature, you can select the โ€˜Rapid Pickupโ€™ filter in your Seamless search and choose from a selection of restaurants where your food will be ready for pickup in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, to identify nearby restaurants offering Rapid Pickup on the Seamless desktop site, look for a lightning bolt next to the name of relevant restaurants.

With summer winding down, Rapid Pickup serves as a great way to get outside and get food from your favorite local restaurants quickly — even if itโ€™s just a quick walk at lunch!