You Said You Were a Chef on Your Tinder Profile: Quick, Order These Foods


So you’re that guy (or girl). We can’t really blame you–dating in NYC is tough. There are more than 8.6 million people in the five boroughs, so to make sure someone swipes right on you…maybe you “cooked” the books a little.

You really did it–you actually said you were a great cook, and then you forgot about it. That profile was made a long time ago; it was bound to happen. Now, you’re three dates in and she wants you to whip up one of your favorite recipes, because you’re a master chef, remember? And that’s what they do.

Have no fear, Seamless is here. Order these fan-favorites that will impress your dinner date in no time.*

(*Disclaimer: we don’t condone lying on your dating profiles…but since you got yourself into this mess, we’ll help you out just this once.)

Chicken Parmigiana

It’s plausible that you could have made this on the fly–breaded and fried the chicken, layered on the sauce and melted some beautiful mozzarella on top. This dish shows you’re approachable and not afraid to get a little messy. (If you want to really lay it on thick…mention the sauce is a secret family recipe that you spent hours on Sunday making.)

Tikka Masala

You’re a chef…and a worldy one too. Chicken tikka masala with some rice on the side will tell your date that you have a versatile palette. Serve the tikka in a copper bowl (like you see above) to really woo ‘em.

Stir Fry

OoOo you used a wok, didn’t you? Or at least that’s what your date will be thinking. And if you find a stir fry with some bok choy and baby corn, they’ll know your vegetable game is really on point. (Pro tip: class it up with some handcrafted chopsticks.)

Fish Tacos

Not just any tacos…fish tacos. Did you batter the cod in beer yourself? Absolutely. Did you make a spicy slaw to sprinkle on top? Uh huh. And that spicy aioli you drizzled on at the end–you’ve really outdone yourself.

And remember, make sure you hide the evidence: AKA get rid of all delivery packaging before your date arrives. Wink.

Go on, order.