Looking for Exclusive Deals? Yeah, We Got Those Perks.


It’s pretty obvious–but, if you didn’t already know–food is our thing. We love it, you love it and we deliver it from your favorite restaurants right to your door. Tap, tap, tap = food, food, food.

And what could be better than getting a deal on all of that delicious food you love? Trick question. NOTHING.  We have exclusive deals and savings with our new Seamless Perks program, which lives right in your Seamless app. It’s totally free and easy to use.

You’ll find everything from free menu items from beloved chains, like Auntie Anne’s to $5 off your order at that new Mexican spot in your neighborhood. (Fun fact: there’s no order minimums.)

Did we mention that you can also earn rewards from chains like Just Salad and Pokéworks? (Think: spend $100, earn $5.) And if you have friends… tell them about the Seamless app. They’ll get $10 off their first Seamless app order of $15+ and you’ll get $10 off. #winning

Let’s get this Perks party started.

Download the app now!