Couch Convo with Chirping Chicken Owner Stelios

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When we need chicken that’s juicy, tender and curvy in all the right places, only one thing checks those boxes—Chirping Chicken. From chicken fingers to whole chickens, this corner spot serves up the mouthwatering food our belly can’t live without. Plus, there are six locations across Manhattan, so we can get it delivered to our tiny apartment or grab it after having an impromptu photoshoot in front of some random graffiti in Bushwick. 

Our “healthy” obsession with Chirping Chicken motivated us to learn more about the restaurant. So we hit up Stelios, owner of multiple Chirping Chicken locations, for the lowdown.

Seamless: So Stelios, how’d you become part of the Chirping Chicken family?

Stelios: I knew I wanted to do something different in the entrepreneurial world. So when a business relationship presented an opportunity to participate in the expansion of the original Chirping Chicken, I couldn’t pass it up. Today, five years after that first baby step in the restaurant business, I pride myself for participating in the expansion of the Chirping Chicken family.

SL: That’s awesome! I know the Upper West Siders are happy that you took that “baby step.” Speaking of the UWS, why’d you open a location there? 

S: Because there was a high demand by our loyal customers to bring the Chirping Chicken experience closer to that area.

SL: Makes sense. Give the people what they want. Do you know what else the people want? Your charcoal-broiled chicken. It’s really popular. Why cook it that way? 

S: It is the traditional way of broiling the chicken in Greece.

SL: Why Greece? 

S: My partner Jimmy and I are from Greece, so we use a lot of Greek recipes and ingredients. 

SL: You all also deliver pretty late. When that late-night craving hits, what do your customers usually get? 

S: Chicken, ribs, burgers, wings and sweet potato fries.

SL: Those dishes always hit the spot after a night out. Actually, they hit the spot any time of the day. They’re just so filling and savory. But let’s pretend that we never ordered Chirping Chicken before, what do we NEED to get?  

S: Our charcoal-broiled chicken with a side salad, and if you are a vegetarian, our veggie burrito bowl.  

SL: Love that you brought up a vegetarian option! What else can a vegetarian order off your menu?  

S: They can order from a variety of vegetarian options, such as our veggie burrito bowl, veggie burger, steamed vegetables, grilled vegetables and salads.


SL: If you had to choose just one thing off your menu, what’s your favorite dish?  

S: Our charcoal-broiled chicken with a side of grilled veggies. 

SL: Describe your food in three words. Go! 

S: Fresh, Delicious, Affordable.

Craving Chirping Chicken? Yeah, us too. 

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