Couch Convo with The Deco Team

At Seamless, we’re pretty obsessed with knowing everything about popular NYC restaurants—including the people who run them. With our Couch Convo series, we sit down with the people behind the most delicious local spots and talk about the important stuff, like their top food secrets and the dishes your belly will crave non-stop. Next up: Doris, Rachel and Marcus, the team behind The Deco—a food hall located in the Garment District.

Seamless: Let’s dive right in. Why a food hall? 

The Deco Team: Food halls are unique in their ability to centralize various cuisines, cultures, and experiences in one space. We take pride in every one of our restaurants, what they represent and what they can offer. Bringing our eight distinctive restaurants—plus a central bar—together under one roof provides great value to our neighborhood and the city at large.

SL: There’s a good number of food halls in NYC. What makes The Deco different? 

The Deco: Undoubtedly, there a good number of food halls in New York City and each has its own appeal. What we believe sets The Deco apart is the thought that was put into the customer experience. Immediately upon walking into the doors, you are met with a beautiful central bar that anchors the entire space. Surrounding the bar, customers can find a selection of cuisines that mirror the diversity and variety of our city. All in all, The Deco is more than just a collection of restaurants—it is a curated dining experience.

SL: So what’s the story behind the name—The Deco? 

The Deco: “The Deco” draws its inspiration from the style and appeal of the Art Deco movement. The fingerprints of this movement can be seen all over New York City, from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State Building. Rather than using just any blueprint, it was important to us that the food hall felt true to its location and embodied the New York spirit—“The Deco” does just that.

SL: The Deco screams NYC, including the variety of cuisines it houses—like Mexican, Brazilian and Hawaiian. What was the thought process behind choosing the restaurants?  

The Deco: In finding our restaurants, we searched for food that goes beyond taste and food that tells a story. The Deco is not filled with any chain restaurants or ubiquitous brand names. It’s filled with family-inspired, home-grown recipes that mean something to the chefs and their teams. On any given day, you will find mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters working in the kitchens at The Deco. This familial influence allows for authentic, diverse cuisines. Few places in the world are more culturally diverse than New York City. We are proud to highlight some of that diversity.

SL: Do you feel like the restaurants are in a friendly competition with each other? Why or why not?

The Deco: Our restaurants understand that the health of the food hall means the health of their respective businesses. Every business owner must be concerned with their business first and foremost, of course; but here at The Deco, the dynamic is less about competition and more about mutually shared interests.

SL: Let’s take a little food tour through The Deco. It’s our first time ordering, what should we get from each restaurant?

The Deco:

MademoiselleEspresso and Sage Blackberry Loaf Cake

Little TongCifangao

Mani in Pasta–Deco Cheesesteak Cuzzetiello

Huli HuliRotisserie Chicken with SPAM Rice and Chilled Asian Greens

NansenseChicken Korma

Beach Bistro 96Picanha

Antojitos CaserosAl Pastor Tacos

Papa Poule–Rotisserie Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables and Garlic Potatoes

SL: When deciding what to eat, sometimes it’s all about the mood you’re in. Can you give each restaurant a mood they help satisfy?

The Deco: 


Little Tong–Cheerful

Mani in Pasta–Fulfilled

Huli Huli–Adventurous


Beach Bistro 96–Bold

Antojitos Caseros–Festive

Papa Poule–Homey

SL: And what about occasions? When’s a good time to order from The Deco? 

The Deco: The Deco offers options for any and all occasions: breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, happy hour, late-night and more!

SL: How do you want people to feel when their delivery from The Deco arrives at their door?

The Deco: We want customers to feel that they have received something genuine. From the beginning to the end, we want the customer to feel that they are enjoying food that was prepared fully and authentically—no shortcuts, no pretense.

Craving food from The Deco? Yeah, us too. 

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