Inside the Bag: Spencer Dinwiddie

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With our “Inside the Bag” series, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of actual Seamless users. Next up is Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie. Get the lowdown on his delivery highlights and top ordering hacks.

Let’s Meet Spencer

My name is Spencer Dinwiddie. I’m a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. I spent most of my time working out at the Nets facility and when I’m not there, I spend my time at home being dad. 


As such a busy person, how do you incorporate Seamless into your life?

Well, Seamless obviously makes my life a lot easier because of the schedule that I have. I’m working out at the gym six-plus hours a day, then having different events or appearances, then coming home and being a dad. It doesn’t always allow me the time to cook. Seamless allows me to get the foods I love without the hassle.


How do your food choices help you on the court?

Obviously, you are what you eat. I know that’s a cliche sentence, but it’s the truth.The cleaner fuel you can put in your body, the better you are long-term. I’m only 26, so it doesn’t necessarily matter as much, but as you creep into 29, 30, 31 — which is ancient by basketball years —  you have to be cognizant of that. The foundation you lay early helps you later in your career.


How do you discover new restaurants?

Seamless has this feature called Perks. Restaurants in your neighborhood will offer you deals, like $5 off, or a percentage off. I’m actually really excited to take advantage of it on off days. I like to branch out to new restaurants in my neighborhood. 

What’s in Spencer’s bag?

Pre-game: Breakfast Sandwich

Every game day I’m hitting express reorder to get my breakfast sandwich. It’s every game day, not lying, I promise. This is death, taxes, and a breakfast sandwich for Spencer on game days. I don’t really mess with the routine. I’m not necessarily superstitious, but I’m very routine-oriented.


Post-game: Spaghetti 

My typical post-game go-to is spaghetti. It’s really hard to mess up. After a game, I’m tired, and  there’s usually a lot of tiny restaurants open at 11:30 or midnight. With the simple carbs and great flavor, it’s easy. And it’s in the healthy-ish range. 


Off Season: BBQ

If we’re talking dinner, I’m a big barbecue guy. I love brisket, which obviously leads to brisket or carnitas tacos as well. I don’t eat pork, so beef is a big off-season thing for me. 


All throughout the year: Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice is a year-long staple, because, depending on how you make it, it can be decently healthy. I don’t dodge chicken fried rice during the season. 


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