Seamless Celebrates Black History Month


By ordering from a Black-owned restaurant and donating your change at checkout to the Feed the Soul Foundation, you can help celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of our restaurant partners and support Black entrepreneurs. 

By Seamless author

Food is at the heart of all communities and cultures, and this month Seamless is honoring the diverse culinary traditions of the Black community. The Seamless community wouldn’t be complete without Black-owned restaurants, which is why we’ve teamed up with Dine.Black, an online source for Black-owned restaurants, to highlight them with a Black-owned search filter

Now you can easily discover local favorites and support Black-owned restaurants today and every day.

Once you’ve picked your favorite local spot, you can continue supporting Black-owned businesses at checkout. Donate your change at checkout in February to benefit the Feed the Soul Foundation, which aims to aid marginalized entrepreneurs in the culinary industry with business development resources and support sustainable business growth. When you donate, your change goes toward:

  • $10K in grants to restaurant owners for business development, such as menu consultation, operations or marketing initiatives 
  • Restaurant Emergency Funds to support restaurants in the event of an unexpected emergency such as flooding or a break-in.  Feed the Soul Foundation will help provide  resources to help restaurants re-open and get back on their feet.
  • Scholarships to marginalized hospitality management college students, creating a pathway to help grow the next generation of restaurant entrepreneurs.

We have a responsibility to do our part in raising up our fellow foodies and that starts with discovery. We invite you to join our efforts by ordering from these incredible restaurants, and listening to their moving stories.

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