Scary Food for Your Epic Halloween Party

scary food

Epic family Halloween party 101: Be extra and over the top. Don’t hold back on the face make-up. Put together costumes that stand out. And order all the party treats your little ones desire. But don’t just order any old foods. Get the ones that you can decorate. Turn them into ghouls, goblins and gnomes. To help you out, we’ve pulled together some Halloween faves that can be transformed into scary good food, simply by using the stuff you already have in the kitchen.

Spooky Spaghetti

If you haven’t put your hand in a bowl of spaghetti blindfolded, then you haven’t truly lived. It’s a rush. A scary and slightly disgusting rush, but a rush nonetheless. Anyways, we’re not here to encourage you to let your kids blindly play with noodles. We want you to play with noodles unmasked. Turn your spaghetti into spooky creatures with meatballs, mozzarella and olives.

Finger Bites

We’ve all licked our fingers once or twice or a lot. It was a simple moment where we cherished the last few crumbs of the scrumptious meal that was just devoured. These finger bits take that feeling to the next level. Just cut the mozzarella sticks in half and dash on a lil’ blood, oh we meant tomatoes.

Halloween Pizza

Pizza is sacred. It’s highly regarded by stomachs everywhere. So there must be something eerie in the air if we’re about to tell you to mess with perfection. We just feel like being bad for Halloween this year. Honestly, villains always seem to have more fun. Join us in our debauchery and turn your pizza dinner into lil’ monsters with olives and extra pepperonis.

Haunted Tacos

Think you’re not terrified of tacos? Think again! Turn a classic Mexican fave into a sinister snack with sour cream, tomatoes and black olives. Their big, round black eyes will be able to see into the deepest parts of any soul and reveal the darkest secrets—aka your kids will finally tell you who broke the coffee table.

Time to decorate, then dig into some scary good food. 

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