Donate the Change for No Kid Hungry


At Seamless, we strive to deliver delicious food right to your door. Food nourishes us; it keeps us going. But for many people, especially children living in poverty, access to food is hard to come by. That’s why we teamed up with No Kid Hungry to launch donate the change. Since then, our customers have donated as many as 90 million meals!  Keep reading to see how you can get involved.

How Donate the Change Works

After you opt-in, Seamless will round up your change and donate it to our partner charity, No Kid Hungry. For example, if your total is $9.50, we’ll round up to $10 — that’s a 50¢ donation to charity.

What Your Change Will Do

Every 10¢ donated can feed a child one meal. Remember that 50¢ you donated above? That can help provide 5 meals for children in need. It’s pretty easy…and we bet it’ll feel good, too.

More About the No Kid Hungry Campaign

No child should go hungry in America. But 1 in 7 kids will face hunger this year. No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger through effective programs that provide kids with the food they need. This is a problem we know how to solve. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of Share Our Strength, an organization working to end hunger and poverty.

Ready to get involved?

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