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It’s February. Chances are it’s cold. Even if it isn’t 10-below outside, going out for Valentine’s Day can be a real hassle. We’re talking about packed restaurants, uncomfortable ride shares, expensive meals…did someone say uncorking fee? 

While Valentine’s Day likely started as a celebration of romance in the 14th century, the commercial holiday boomed in the United States following the emergence of a consumer culture driven by the advertising industry. While it might be nice to receive flowers of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, at Seamless, we’re all about embracing the special everyday moments that celebrate love. Because, who doesn’t love pasta, after all?

Give Seamless as a gift this Valentine’s Day… or give yourself the gift of a cozy meal on the couch. Real Seamless users recommend it. 

And if you’re looking for some ordering inspiration, try these fancy dishes from the comfort of your own home. Your sweatpants are calling your name. 

Filet Mignon

This cut of beef tenderloin is revered for its tenderness and flavor. Best served medium rare, filet mignon is delicious prepared simply with salt and pepper and is a great vehicle for sauce. 


Elevate your delivery game with luxurious lobster over decadent pasta. It’s the definition of fancy. In NYC, you can order the mixed seafood with lobster from Tony’s Di Napoli, a fine-dining favorite. 

Pizza and Salad

There’s a reason Italian cuisine is associated with romance. Maybe you’re looking to embrace the mentality of the holiday and dive into a slice of thin crust pizza. Maybe you also want to balance it out with something green. Joe’s Pizza has both pizza and salad so you can strike that perfect balance. Valentine’s Day complete.

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