Couch Convo with Full Moon Pizzeria Owner Stan

Full Moon Pizza

At Seamless, we’re pretty obsessed with knowing everything about popular NYC restaurants—including the people who run them. With our Couch Convo series, we sit down with the owners of the most delicious local spots. Next up: Stan, owner of Full Moon Pizzeria.  

Seamless: Stan, you lived in Italy ‘til you were 12. What do you miss most about it?  

Stan: My friends and family. 

Seamless: That’s sweet. It seems like family is really important to you. You pushed your father to buy Full Moon from its previous owner, right? 

Stan: Yeah, I was a teenager and my father was a chef, so when the opportunity came, my father offered to buy. 

Seamless: Who wouldn’t want to buy a pizza joint?!? What do you think it is about pizza that makes it a crowd-favorite? 

Stan: Pizza, when done right, can be the fastest nutritional food around because of its rich ingredients. 

Seamless: If we were ordering from Full Moon for the first time, what should we get?

Stan: Our regular cheese slice is our trademark, but over the years we have expanded our toppings. The eggplant and chicken parm are delicious!  

Seamless: What if we’re not in the mood for pizza? What else do you have? 

Stan: We have pasta, Italian heroes, paninis and salads too. 

Seamless: What makes your pizzeria different from other pizzerias in NYC?

Stan: It’s no secret. We buy the best ingredients. And the fact that we’ve been around since 1976, you just can’t go wrong. 

Seamless: How do you feel Full Moon fits into the Bronx community?

Stan: We’re just like a big family. Our neighborhood is surrounded with great history and Full Moon is a staple.  

Seamless: On your website, you talk about how Full Moon is more than a business. Can you talk a little about that?

Stan: Full Moon is my real home. I’ve spent most of my life in my store. When a customer walks into my place, it’s like they are coming into my home. 

Seamless: Three words that describe Full Moon. Go! 

Stan: Taste, tradition and reputation. 

Craving Full Moon? Yeah, us too. 

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