Top Five Foods to Eat on Your Subway Commute


Let’s get this straight…eating anything on the subway is a major no. A hard pass… unforgivable… offensive… well, you get the gist. It’s bad.

Your fellow commuters–whether intently reading a book or jamming out with massive, over-ear headphones–will despise you for bringing even a remotely pungent food into a packed train car. Wanna be hated only a little? Here are a few foods you can eat on your subway commute without having obscenities flung at you.

(*Pro tip: always bring napkins with you, and keep them in a very accessible place, like your jacket pocket. Show some decorum, man.)


They don’t have a distinct aroma…they’re packed with vitamins and nutrients…and you only need one hand to quietly hold this drinkable meal while politely sipping it through a straw. What a considerate commuter.

New York-style slice

Fold, hold, bite. Considering one of the most common substances found on train poles in NYC is pizza grease–you wouldn’t be the first to chow down on this local staple mid-train ride. Hold off on any fragrant toppings and you’ll virtually fly under the radar.


Crunchy pockets of dough filled with flavorful meats, veggies and cheeses. These crescent-shaped beauties are the perfect snack or light meal; and they definitely only require the use of one hand. (Tip: queso fillings are bound to be less aromatic.)


Running to an early-morning meeting? Snack on a beloved bagel en route to the office. Anything is fair game, really–whole wheat, pumpernickel, egg. (But, maybe try to avoid seeds and lox for your train-eating endeavors.)

Well, time to order these bad boys for pickup and head to your nearest subway station.

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