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How New York Eats

It’s National Burrito Day!

The first Thursday of April marks National Burrito Day! When you think about America’s most popular foods, burritos might not be the first things that come to mind. But last year, a whopping 1,764,317…

How New York Eats

5 Pies to Celebrate Pi(e) Day

What started out as a celebration of math and the never-ending-number, 3.14 (rounded), has turned into a major food holiday thanks to social media. Pi Day as we know it today has an interesting histor…

How New York Eats

The Essential Guide to Soul Food

Check out our favorite soul food staples and order them today.  By Seamless author While the phrase “soul food” was coined in the 1960s (according to Merriam Webster), the rich culinary traditio…

Delivery 101

Seamless Celebrates Black History Month

By ordering from a Black-owned restaurant and donating your change at checkout to the Feed the Soul Foundation, you can help celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of our restaurant partners and su…

How New York Eats

NYC Restaurant Week

.flex-wrapper{display:flex;flex-flow:row;}.ul-wrapper{margin:0 15px}.legal{font-size:12px;} This year, NYC Restaurant Week is coming to your place. No matter which borough you live, you can enjoy NYC …